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American Bulldogs

BCK's P.J.  aka Son of Sonny

       Currently  ... Holds (2) Weight Pull III Titles

             AND 1st PLACE In Nationals Irondog Obedience Title I

            P.J. is the last offspring of Sonny Side Up and Kennedy's Coconut.

         Produced by : Blue Collar Kennels

       Owned by: Blue Collar Kennels

       D.O.B. : April 20, 2010

       Sire is :  "Sonny" Side Up (son of Cade)

       Dam is :  Kennedy's "Coconut" of BCK's (5 times Damian)




                                                                   (Obviously didn't not love the Snowman) Above




              P.J. goes to the Canadian RumBull and has a great day.


                                 He has alittle fun with the Iron dog K-9 Trainers



  P.J. is in training for weight pulling, Iron dog and is a natural hog dog!




            Irondog Weight Pull 3 Title--1st Place June 22, 2013

            Irondog Weight Pull 3 Title--1st Place June 22, 2013

                            King of the Ring...Pulled at 95lbs



           At almost a year P.J. is a solid 85lbs with great bones and muscle. He is personality plus!



       He is a freak. Great big bones and already developing muscle. At 5 months he's already huge. 

              Great personality, keep watching this little guy. We expect great things from him.





                                              Grandson of "Cade" (pic below)