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Pics and results to come......

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What a great day Jax had at the Canadian Rumbull May 18

      His first show proved to be a great success. Everyone loved him.

             Confirmation class ages 1-2, two shows......two 1st Place.


        Confirmation Class all Males all age groups, two shows....two 1st Places.


 Overall Males & Females All Classic American Bulldogs..1st Place. That's our boy!



 At only 14 months Jax is really developing and we are so proud of him. He has it all. Personality plus

great confirmation, bone and muscle. We are expecting great things from our guy. Keep posted for more.


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       Recently retired: Marley has had her last litter and is now retired and living on a

        500 acre farm with a great family locally with three kids who love her very much.

        Marley is enjoying running the farm and playing with the kids. Not a care in the

        world, she deserves the best. She is an awesome dog.

          ___ ---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___

      Also BCK's Mojito's has had her last litter and has been retired

      and placed in a forever home with a great family. We wish both

      her and her new family the best.  She is very happy to be the

      queen of the house.

             ~~           ~~         ~~         ~~          ~~          ~~         ~~        ~~

   Currently retired:  Coconut, Hazel, Taz , Mazzi, R.C. ,Mojito and Marley

      Here at Blue Collar Kennels we have a great love for the breed of American

      Bulldogs and love to share that passion with others through our breedings.

      However we also believe that all of our dogs deserve the very best and vow

      to only breed our females three times then find them "forever family

      homes"  Coconut, Haz, Taz ,Mazzi and Mojito have all been adopted out into

      carefully selected homes where they will live out their days with loving  

      families. If you are interested in adopting one of our females please contact

      us and we will let you know when we have one available. Thank you for 

      sharing our love for these wonderful dogs.                    

     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~


We took two pups from the Marley/Creed litter to the Beast of The East Show on 5/21/11 and both puppies took 2nd place in confirmation class on both days. These amazing puppies are winning at 9 weeks, can you imagine what they will be like full grown!!!

BKC's M.J. Saphire (above)

BCK's M.C. Bricks (above)

Two pups above are not for sale...



   What a weekend.....our Marley took First place in her class (9-12mo), First in Best Classic female puppy and 2nd in Best Classic Puppy overall...only taking a smooth second to her own litter brother, BullPull's Junior of Wideload Kennels. (Owned by Bernie and Nancy.) Both days.. Theses two dogs were both Champions. Great weekend, great people, great dogs.

     Marley    .... and Junior 

                   Great Breeding by PullBull Kennels. Dam is Miah and Sire is Harley.

                             More Fun at the Show....with Hendo.



          Back from the Tennessee show in Feb.2010 and Marley did great. Took some first and second place ribbons.

                                 Mojito did great too, taking a nice second place win. A great weekend for our girls.






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