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  Blue Collar Kennel's  J.D. (Jack Daniels)

   Produced by: Blue Collar Kennels

    Owned by: Dave and Jen Beehler

    D.O.B. : May 2009

    Sire is: BCK's Rampage (son of Leist's Scooby/RHAB Princess Ivy) 

    Dam is: SBK's Tuna (daughter of "Cade" / Sky Blue)


                          This Guy has it all. Pure muscle and huge bone.


        Huge Head, Personality Plus!! A gentle giant. J.D. is available for stud.

 A great success with his first breeding w/Marley, he has shown to produce

 great results.  Keep an eye on what this guy will produce. 

 Avaliable for Stud: Contact  Dave Beehler for more info. (585)409-7685  (on this stud only)


   Special Thanks to Dave and Jen Beehler for making JD availible to us.  We are excited to see what he will produce

   with our females. They purchased JD from us when he was a puppy and have given him a great home with their       

   family. Sharing our love for the american bulldog breed is why we always strive to breed the "perfect" American

   bulldog. It's obvious in watching them with JD, that they do share the same passion as we do. I could only hope

   all of our puppies could go to such great homes. Thank you again!

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Pic of J.D.   Pic of J.D.'s Father Rampage    

                                               and we thought Rampage was a big boy.